Accepted Papers

  1. Risk Management Assessment of Production in Granite Stone Quarries in Ondo, Ogun and Oyo States, Nigeria
  2. Influence of Physical Properties of Cassava Tubers on the Performance of an Automated Cassava Peeler
  3. Development of a Two Channel Micro-Controller Based Home Appliances Remote Controlled Switching System
  4. Development of Examination Seating Arrangement App
  5. Synthesis of Zeolite A From Aloji Kaolin To Investigate Its Performance In Hard Water Softening
  6. Synthetic Generation of Daily Rainfall Amounts
  7. Development of a Low Cost Smart PIG and Wireless Sensor for the Detection of Pipeline Defects and Anomalies
  8. Impact of SVC Installation on Available Transfer Capability (ATC) Enhancement on Power Grid
  9. Investigating the Rate of Uptake of TPH, TOC, Organic Matter and Some Heavy Metals by Melon Grass in a Crude Oil Polluted Soil in the Tropical Region
  10. Proximate and Ultimate Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste for Energy Recovery
  11. Comparative Performance Analysis of Yagi-Uda Antenna at Wide-Range Operational Frequencies