Papers Under Review

  1. Methyl Ester Fatty Acids Characteristics of African Mahogany Biodiesel Produced at Varied Molar Ratios and 0.50% NaOH Catalyst Concentration
  2. Development and Comparism of Model Systems Using ASPEN Plus for Syngas Production from Waste via Gasification
  3. Evaluation of Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Insulating Refractory Bricks Made from Indigenous Clay Mixed with Gmelina Seed Shells Particulates
  4. Reliable Estimation of Compressive Strength of Sandcrete Blocks in the Context of Limited Test Samples
  5. A Microcontroller-Based Irrigation Scheduling Using FAO Penman-Monteith Equation
  6. Development of a Low-Cost Polyurethane (Foam) Waste Shredding Machine
  7. Selected Engineering Properties of Sandcrete Blocks from Akinyele Local Government Area, Oyo State