Papers Under Review

  1. Integration of Public Surveillance System into Telecommunication Regulatory Framework in Nigeria
  2. Chloride Ion Penetration Performance of Biogenic Pozzolanic Cement Concrete
  3. On the Radiation Characteristics of End-Fire Arrays of Equally Spaced Elements
  4. Risk Management Assessment of Production in Granite Stone Quarries in Ondo, Ogun and Oyo States, Nigeria
  5. Stochastic Estimation of Technical Efficiency and Productivity of Granite Stone Production in Edo State, Nigeria
  6. Extraction of Palmitic Acid from Plantain (Musa Paradisiaca) Stalk Residue
  7. Experimental Investigation of the Mechanical Properties of Squeeze Cast Aluminium Alloy
  8. Estimation of Emf Parameters from High Voltage Transformers and Implications of Health Parameters on Building Residents: A Case Study of Ejigbo Environs, Isolo, Lagos State
  9. Effect of Fluid Types on the Performance of Heat Exchanger Base on Flow Configurations
  10. An Assessment of the Performance of IPsec Internet Key Exchange in Aggressive and Main Mode
  11. Vehicle Tracking and Accident Alert System Using GPS and GSM Modules