Papers Under Review

  1. Development of a Door Lock Security System Based on Automatic Speech Recognition
  2. Effect of Metering Speed and Hopper Capacities on the Discharge and Application Rates of a Maize Planter
  3. Chloride Ion Penetration Performance of Biogenic Pozzolanic Cement Concrete
  4. Engineering Surveying of Electric Power Lines: Techniques and Route Profile Plotting in Electrical Power Systems
  5. Environmental Effect of Quarry Operations on Nearby Communities in Ondo State, Nigeria
  6. Evaluation of Electrical, Mechanical and Structural Properties of Hybrid Copper Metal Matrix Composites
  7. Coupled Groundwater Simulation-Optimization Modelling of Agrarian Sub-Catchment
  8. Operational Status of Water Borehole Schemes in South-Eastern Nigeria
  9. Power line detection Algorithm using Frangi filter and First-order derivative of Gaussian Algorithm
  10. Development of an Artificial Bee Colony Tuned Proportional Derivative Controller for Ship Course Changing
  11. Partial Treatment of Wastewater using Septic Tank with some Treatment Facilities: An Engineering Design Approach
  12. Developing a Level-Crossing Advisory Prototype to Teach Undergraduates the Application of Wireless Sensor Network
  13. Path Loss Modeling of UHF Radio Wave Propagation in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria
  14. Integration of Public Surveillance System into Telecommunication Regulatory Framework in Nigeria
  15. Socio-Economic Impact of Granite Stone Quarry Engagement on Workers’ livelihood In Ondo And Edo States, Nigeria
  16. Effectiveness of Palm Kernel Shell Ash Concrete Reinforced with Steel Fibres
  17. An Alternative Approach to Voltage Collapse Prediction in a Practical Nigerian 330-kV Interconnected Power Grid
  18. Congestion Rate of G.S.M. Networks in Ilorin Metropolis, Nigeria
  19. The Use of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in Hot Mix Asphalt
  20. Pyrolysis of Different Fruit Peel Waste via a Thermodynamic Model
  21. Extraction of Palmitic Acid from Plantain (Musa Paradisiaca) Stalk Residue