Papers Under Review

  1. Optimization of Diesel Generators using Life Cycle Cost Approach: ABUAD as a Case study
  2. Water Level Indicator System
  3. Design and Development of a Smart Security and Energy Conservation System Using PIR Motion Sensor and photoresistor
  4. Design of an Obstacle Detection System for the Visually Impaired Using Ultrasonic Sensor
  5. Design of An Intelligent Traffic Control System Using Image Sensor
  6. Design and Implementation of water Quality control System Using Turbidity Sensor
  7. Design and Implementation of Home Security system using Microcontroller and PIR Sensor
  8. Implementation of Ultrasonic Sensor as Third Eye for The Blind
  9. Development of a Remote Visitor’s Health Assessment and Documentary Model for Coronavirus Applications
  10. Minimizing the Cost of Quarrying Operations in South West Nigeria by Optimising Drilling and Blasting Geometric Parameters
  11. Temperature and pH Effects on Biogas Yield from Co-Digestion of Food Waste and Cow-Dung
  12. Improving Thermal Comfort and Ventilation in Commercial Buses in Nigeria in Covid-19 Era
  13. Development of an Efficient Rice De-stoner